Since March 1972, Tan, Lee & Choo has been engaged in a myriad of conveyancing work, acting for developers, banks, companies and individuals.

Tan, Lee & Choo is one of the longest established law firms in Singapore where the founding partners are still in active practice.

It has been operating in the same premises at People’s Park Complex (unit #04-04) since day 1, with the same telephone number and fax number.

The founding partners, Mr. Tan Kai Hoe and Mr. Lee Min Sen, have weathered many storms (literally and metaphorically) in their years of practice, and nothing ruffles them as they have seen it all.

Tan, Lee & Choo is a full-service law firm, comprising 3 senior lawyers, handling conveyancing transactions on behalf of both companies and individuals, civil and commercial litigation, family disputes and general solicitors’ work like probate and administration, wills, deed polls, applications under the Mental Capacity Act etc.

Our clients include both foreign and local, and many of them are third generation, with their grandparents and parents having been clients of Tan, Lee & Choo in the past.

The staff of Tan, Lee & Choo are fluent in Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese and Teochew dialects, besides English and Mandarin.

Mr. Lee Min Sen is both a Notary Public and a Commissioner for Oaths while Mr. Liaw Jin Poh is a Commissioner for Oaths.